Camp Sunshine 2010

The board would like to take this space to thank everyone who attended our Camp Sunshine weekend as well as all the volunteers there who helped make this first "family conference" so incredibly special. It is really dificult to put into words what a magical place the Camp really is and what an amazing experience it was for those of us who attended. From the moment we walked through the doors, greeted by mascots "Chip" and "Sandy" (sorry if I got those names wrong), we felt so accepted, nutured and lovingly cared for.  
 I know I am speaking for many when I say that our experience far surpassed our expectations. The doctors' presentations were informative and well received. Nancy's sessions were emotional but helped us bond and made us feel like an instant family. While some of us groaned when it was time to play the "Super Duper Blooper Games," all of us competed actively, hoping to win the ultimate prize -- the "loving cup" to call our own. The games were great tension relievers, and again, brought us together as teams working (or should I say playing) toward a common goal. While the adults were busy with all these sessions, we could relax and focus knowing that our children were being taken care of by the many volunteers on site. Everywhere we looked there were yellow shirts -- the color of the volunteers -- and they seemed to anticipate our every need. If a child was cranky and wouldn't nap in the tot room, her volunteer would take her to the bedroom and stay there with her so she could rest quietly. If we needed anything printed, voila! it was done almost before we could ask. The children were kept busy and happy the entire day and even into the evenings. I think almost all of them were extremely sad to leave -- I definitely saw tears from more than one of them when it was time to go.
 These were not just any run-of-the-mill volunteers, either. These were college students who were giving up a weekend of partying and facing extra work to make up for classes they were missing. This was a young man who worked in NYC but used vacation time to volunteer here several times a year. A retired couple who come up over and over again to give their time and their love, and who were so touched that they even gave their financial support to a small, grassroots group like ours. A retired school teacher whose love of helping children refuses to die. These are just a few examples.
 This board member has traveled the world and never expected to find such a piece of paradise so close to home. I could go on and on, but instead I will just post some highlights of the weekend here and let you all remember what it was like; and for those of you who could not come, you can see what you missed, and perhaps start making plans for September 2012.
--Nancy Cornelius, former DCO President.


Photos to be posted soon!