Join the Board

We are currently looking for volunteers to join the DCO Board! We encourage people with skills and experience from both inside and outside the DC Community to apply. Are you thinking about it but want to check it out first? We welcome you to join one of our committees and support us as we push forward with support, education, and research to find a cure for DC.

If you are an individual, or you know of an individual,  who is motivated and committed to helping DC Outreach achieve its mission, please submit a nomination or apply for a board position. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you would want to serve on the Board of DC Outreach. You will find the work to be very rewarding because it will allow you to work with and get to know other committed individuals, including the board members and our medical advisors. You will be supporting our families in ways that you have never before envisioned, and in this you will find great joy as you help to make a difference in someone's life. Through helping to initiate and move forward decisions which will benefit the DC community, you will find great pride in being able to give back. You will be able to list this position on your resume which is a wonderful benefit. There are so many more reasons, but the best is what you feel in your spirit and your heart as you help DC Outreach to achieve its mission.

The terms are for two years and are completely voluntary. Board members are required to attend quarterly meetings. Members must also commit to serving on at least one board committee, host at least one annual fundraisier and contribute talents and resources when called upon. Individuals interested in running for the Executive Board must have been on the board for at least one year.

Nominations for board seats (self-nominated or otherwise) can be made to DCO president, Katie Stevens at

Available Positions 

Vice President - Reports directly to the President and provides support to committees when needed. 

Treasurer - Maintains financial records and budgetary responsibilities.

Secretary - Manages internal and external documentation and provides administrative suppport to Executive Board. 

General Board Member - Provides support to Executive Board and represents DCO community. 



Communnication, Medical, Wellness & Advocacy, Development, Governance & Nomination

*These are brief descriptions, for more details please contact the chair of our Governance & Nomination Committee Bruce Friedman at