Diagnose, Treat & Manage

Clinical Guidelines were released summer 2015!

The book combines the knowledge of 35 clinicians and researchers intimately familiar with telomere biology dysfunction. To date, it is the most definitive resource on managing and treating the disease’s most devastating symptoms. Organized and largely edited by Sharon Savage, MD, FAAP, chair of DC Outreach’s medical advisory committee, the guidelines are meant as a resource to both physicians and families dealing with the disease.

The book is also available online. DCO members may request a hard copy of the guidelines. Email your name, postal address and request to: robinhuiras@dcoutreach.org. Donations accepted for printing and mailing copies of the book. 

Click here to see the DC Clinical Guidelines.


Please click here to view an article about DC - a summary - how to diagnose, how to manage and how to treat DC, written by Dr. Sharon Savage of the National Cancer Institiute, NIH, and leading researcher in Dyskeratosis Congenita.