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DC Angels--In Memory Of Our Loved Ones
Irene Nef Schulte
Feb. 23, 1930--Oct. 24, 1992
Dilan Phillips
April 5, 1992--Sept. 16, 2006
Joseph Scott "Joey" IngramĀ 
July 15, 1979--Feb. 4, 2009
Josh Friedman
June 24, 1994--Nov. 18, 2011
Aileen E. Fearon
Aug. 30, 1996--Jan. 6, 2013
Ayelet Galena
Nov. 2009--Jan. 31, 2012
If you would like your "angel" remembered here please send their photo and name and dates to snaca6@aol.com
McKenzie Lain Bedingfield
Oct. 4, 2001--June 4, 2013

Jorge Fernandez
2008--Dec.11, 2013